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Some people call it
 a sixth sense, but academically it is
 called non-verbal communication. For
 28 years, PhDr. Oľga Škvareninová, PhD.
has dedicated
 her professional career
 to the study of it.

     I have studied languages at the Faculty of Arts Comenius University in Bratislava. It is the oldest University in Slovakia. I  taught Slovak at Comenius University and at the University of Vienna. At present I teach at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication of University of SS. Cyril and Methodius. In Slovakia I also work as media and communication coach.
    The Slovak language, verbal and non-verbal communication, stylistics, rhetoric, language and style of mass media, teaching Slovak as foreign language are among the qualities I possess at the moment. I am a pioneer in introducing non-verbal communication into Slovak mass media. I am the author of books concerning non-verbal communication, standard Slovak language and of many scientific papers and articles. Also I wrote a book for foreigners studying Slovak: Pictorial Dictionary of Slovak Language and Slovak – English, a Handbook of Conversation. An interdisciplinary approach to my work is my preference.
     I have often been invited as an expert to speak about communication and the Slovak language in mass media. Also analyses for mass media body language of politicians and football coaches have been done by myself. In Slovakia I am a renowned teacher and coach to help persons and organisational members evaluate and develop their communicational skills, body language and public speaking. As a media trainer I deal with politicians, bosses, managers, spokespersons, lawyers and football coaches.

PhDr. Oľga Škvareninová, PhD.
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